Sunshine Landscaping Design & Construction will work with you to Develop Elegant Landscaping Solutions

Clients & Service Areas

Sunshine Landscape Design and Construction is proud to provide high-quality Landscaping Construction Services to Toronto, the Greater Toronto Area, and Central Ontario. Our clients include:

  • General Contractors
  • Restoration Contractors
  • Conservation Authorities
  • Consultants (Landscape, Architectural, Engineering)
  • Property Owners

We have extensive experience in the Commercial, Institutional, and Residential (Single Family homes and Multi-Unit Buildings). 

We welcome any opportunity with any type of client to meet and discuss further how we can help shape your landscaping needs. 

Construction Services

Landscaping Construction encompasses any aspect of a site requiring modifications that is beyond the walls of a building. We always welcome the challenge of a difficult project and will work closely with all project members to develop innovative solutions to any problem. At Sunshine we are able to provide the following services.

  • Excavation and Demolition of existing site landscaping and services;
  • Site Grading;
  • Concrete Curbs and Pavements;
  • Pathways, Patios, and Pavers;
  • Retaining Walls;
  • Armor Stone and Stone Features;
  • Sub-drainage;
  • Creek Rehabilitation and Conservation;
  • Pedestrian Bridges;
  • Specialized Water Features and Pools;
  • Large-Scale Planting; and
  • Sodding and Topsoil

For images of our work please visit our Portfolio page.

Project Management Services

Project Start-up:  At the onset of every project, Sunshine will provide a startup package which includes: WSIB Clearance Certificate, Certificate of Insurance, Form 1000 and any other documents stipulated in the contract.

Documentation and Record Keeping:  Sunshine will document and relay any changes to the contract (additions or deletions) in a timely and organized manner as they arise during the project. Additionally, Sunshine will prepare and provide progress draws in accordance to Contract Documents or Purchase Orders.

Communication:  We are committed to ensuring all members of the project, no matter the size, are kept up to date on progress and status of the work. Communication is key to building trust and lasting relationships. 

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